Whack Your Neighbour Extreme Edition Coming Soon!

Whack Your Neighbour Extreme Edition is in development and will feature the most craziest of kills yet to be seen in Whack Games. Sure there will be more violence as per usual but for this game we won't just be focusing on the gruesome side of the game, but more on puzzle solving and creativity. This will lead to even more outrageous kills as well as gorish ones. Stay tuned for more updates.

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Whack Your Neighbour is the first game developed by Whack It. You play as Patrick enjoying a BBQ with his dog Whisky when Whisky takes a wander into your neighbours garden to take a poo. Your neighbour comes back angry at Whisky and starts shouting and prodding you. You job is find all the objects and instruments in the garden to Whack Your Neighbour with.

Whack Your Neighbour was a fun game to make, we decided on this setting because the garden has a lot of potential in how you can whack someone. There are tonnes of typical garden instruments you can introduce which allowed us to come with some disgusting and bloody kills. The game was inspired by real events in terms of a typical neighbour dispute we had in our neighbourhood, but we didn't whack our neighbour or violently hurt him and neither does this game recommend you do either, we seaked a peaceful means to resolve the situation - we moved house!. Our neighbour hated our dog as he was a big fluffy, blonde german shepherd who would be overly loving towards our neighbour and our neighbour hated dogs full stop!

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Will there be a Whack Your Neighbour 2?

We would very much like to make a Whack Your Neighbour 2 and Whack Your Neighbour Extreme Edition. We already have a list of an additional 20 kills to introduce to the game based on the garden alone. We will keep you updated as to when we plan to start work on a second game.